Meet Jerry and Dena Melchisedeck

Combining our real estate experience, we have been involved in various facets of the industry more than 50 years. In the 1990s, Dena started in quality control at First American Title, and Jerry joined his parents in their residential sales business at a RE/MAX franchise in Colorado Springs. Dena obtained her license and joined a few years later, and together with their teammates became highly-ranked producers in the Mountain States Region.

We founded the Excellent Agents referral network to raise a high standard of professionalism so home buyers and sellers could distinguish the educated, ethical, and essential real estate advisors in our profession from others not best equipped to represent them well.

Jerry Melchisedeck
Fast forward to 2018, Jerry became RE/MAX Manager of the Year in the Pacific Northwest Region as the Designated Broker/Director of Operations at a multi-location firm north of Seattle. He trained and recruited agents while Dena sold homes on Whidbey Island before becoming the company's transaction manager for top performing agents.

Our sons settled in the Phoenix area after both graduating from Grand Canyon University, so we joined them in 2019 where we sell homes as the Love Living Team at My Home Group. Jerry also educates and refers agents via, and Dena demonstrates on social media how to generate referrals making custom gifts for past clients—@ClientCreations.

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