Become An Excellent Agent
EARN Terms of Service

1)    You must purchase and finish the course to be certified for receiving referrals. However, it does not guarantee you will receive referrals because we don’t know how many buyers and sellers will contact us in your area.

2)    You agree and understand that referrals are in varying stages of the buying or selling process, and we have no control over whether they will follow through.

3)    When a referral comes in, we send it to the first agent who finished the course in the client’s requested area(s). When the next referral comes in for that area, we send it to the next agent in the order they finished the course in round robin fashion. If there is only one certified agent for the area, they receive all the referrals until another agent there gets certified then the round robin begins.

4)    The referral fee is 25% of each transaction side referred to you (buy side and/or sell side) and gets paid to us via My Home Group Real Estate, LLC by your licensed brokerage according to a signed agreement between the firms. The referral agreement remains intact even if you switch brokerages.

5)    There is no additional fee due after the referral closes the transaction side(s) they first contacted us about—unless they contact us AGAIN requesting a referral that comes to you. It is your responsibility to educate them to contact you directly after you close their initial transaction(s).

6)    You must keep your real estate license active and in good standing. Failure to do so will result in canceled membership in the network, and the referral will go to the next certified agent without any compensation due to you regardless of how much work you performed.

7)    We are not a party to any dispute between you and the referral, and you agree to hold us harmless.

8)    Any dispute between you and Excellent Agents will be arbitrated by the member organization(s) of the National Association of REALTORS® according to Article 17 of the NAR Code of Ethics.

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