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REALTORS® join the Excellent Agents Referral Network (EARN) by first completing this course:

For clarity, there are two products:
1) The eBook: "Do Not Sell Your House—Until You Know The A-to-Z of the 7 P's"
2) The Course: The 7 Step Home Sale Journey

Purchasing The 7 Step Home Sale Journey course provides the answers to each one of the 182 questions asked in our free eBook entitled "Do Not Sell Your House—Until You Know The A-to-Z of the 7 P's."

Wow, 182 questions? Yes, the 26 letters of the alphabet multiplied by each of the 7 home sale steps that each begin with the letter P (see diagram).

Written for a primary audience of potential home sellers, the eBook provides prospects an all-encompassing and compelling reply to their most pervasive real estate question: "What value do I actually get from hiring a real estate agent?"

After reading it, one might say the eBook answered this question with more questions.

Full Disclosure: We wrote the eBook so prospects self-discover their own limitations—and realize why they undeniably need the vast wealth of knowledge and experience of an Excellent Agent. 

After reading it, one might say real estate success is EARNed.

You can get the free eBook at DoNotSellYourHouse.com, or you can save a step and just buy the course containing all the answers. 

REALTORS®—not only is this powerful lead-generating eBook included, but also the Canva template for you to customize when you purchase The 7 Step Home Sale Journey course. 

It's yet another way for you to earn when you complete the course and join EARN—by having an opportunity to get referrals of prospects who requested our free eBook from around the country AND by generating your own buyer and seller leads (referral-fee free) with your customized version.

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